Why online intake forms make sense

It’s official, FORM FILLING SUCKS. Nobody likes doing it, but your business needs your clients to do it. The only thing worse than form filling… filing. All those forms have to be stored and organised and it’s a job nobody enjoys. So what can you do? Well, you can make it as painless as possible for your clients and for you.

Here’s what happens a lot:

Option 1

Give them a clipboard

Instead of getting on with your treatment or session you give them the clipboard and chewed ball point. They sit there filling the intake form in, itching to get on with it, thinking “this is a waste of my time”. The more information you need the more frustrating it is.

Even worse, when existing clients need to complete a new form they may think "but I've already given you this information, why do I have to give it again?"

Option 2

Email them an attachment

You send clients an intake form via email, they then fill out a Word doc (where the formatting goes haywire when you try and type) or they opt to print it off. When they are done they scan it, save it and finally email, post it or bring it with them to the appointment.

Then you save the attachment (if you can remember where to save it) or print it and file it in a folder (hopefully in the right place to find it next time).

All your painstaking effort to make yourself look professional is going out the window. Your expensive website, your amazing logo, letterheads, business cards, your premises, the clothes you wear, even the voicemail message your re-recorded 5 times to get it perfect. All of this is being undone because your client’s first impression of you actually delivering your service is painful.

How are online intake forms different?


Option 1

Give them a tablet

Instead of the badly photocopied form on a clipboard, hand them a tablet like an iPad. It looks professional, it gives the impression you are up-to-date and it’s easier to complete. It even remembers key information from last time.

Instead of moaning about the form your clients may even mention the novelty to friends - in a good way.

Option 2

Email them an online form

Instead of printing, scanning & emailing, just send them a secure link to complete an online form. They can do it on their computer, on their tablet or on their phone. They can even save it and come back to it later.

They can digitally sign it and just press “send”. It gets securely stored in the cloud and is organised against your clients name. You get a notification and a link to view it. Simple.

Option 3

Email & sign at appointment

Many businesses are required to check that clients fully understand the information they are given… before they sign anything.

Great, so you send them the online form, they complete all the basic information and send it back. You then open it at the appointment, do your explaining, get them to initial and sign where needed on your tablet. Minimum time, minimum effort.


Going paperless might seem daunting, it’s yet another bit of tech to come to grips with. But, getting started is simple. Just begin with an intake form - taking your existing form and making it digital will take about 10-15 minutes. Then you’re done.

But, I hear you say, I’m a technophobe! Computers break as soon as I touch them! They hate me! Well, we’ve got your back. Just email us your form and we’ll convert it for you - for free. For real, we hate form filling and filing so much we’ll do it for you at no cost.

OK, but maybe you’re worried this is one of those blue pill vs red pill decisions. Once you’ve chosen there’s no going back. You’re wrong. You can download or print off all your forms and file them if you decide you can’t cope with all the time you’re saving and seeing your clients look so happy.

If you'd like to give it a go, then check out our affordable pricing.

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